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Continuous investment in new production facilities, years of experience in the search for new materials and a specialised design team that works to achieve more authentic and original colours enable us to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of today's market.

It all starts in our colour laboratory; this is a place where creativity takes on a special meaning and where natural quartz is always used as the foundation for achieving more fine-grain colours or natural stone effects, as if by art of magic, to create the most beautiful combinations.

With more than 80 colours and three textures to combine – polished, matt or rough – the possibilities are endless.

We manufacture 3 thicknesses – 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm – and two slab formats – 304x138 and 325x159 (Jumbo). This enables us to offer larger sizes than anyone else with fewer joints. Increasing the size of the pieces allows more beautiful and more hygienic spaces to be created.

We therefore provide more opportunities to adapt our products to all types of surfaces and to adorn them with tailor-made designs.

But we go a step further; we make sleekness an art, with our 1.2 cm format in large size. Here is an authentic technological challenge that almost no company has been capable of achieving. Enter Silestone and open the door to new dimensions.

It is the result of investment in the pursuit of new materials by a team of expert “quartz hunters” who travel the world to find and choose different quartz varieties for the constant development of new lines to match the latest in interior design trends.

Reaching everyone is now a fact, the result of Cosentino's enormous manufacturing capacity comprised of 11 production lines and a network of Centers and distributors successfully established on six continents.
This gives us an extremely fast response capability and enables us to deliver any order to its destination in record time.

Cosentino takes an active part in environmental protection; not only through the manufacture of increasingly environmentally friendly products, but also through a commitment to participate in projects to improve the quality of life of its employees, to promote education and to support numerous civil society initiatives.

We are firmly committed to forging a better world from the area of sustainable architecture and construction by providing value products in continuous evolution that improve energy efficiency without compromising the beauty of spaces.

Quartz is one of the hardest materials that exist. This makes our products long-lasting and highly resistant to external aggressions.

Silestone is characterised by its mechanical ability to withstand scratches, impact and flexure, which is far superior to the parameters normally found in any domestic and professional work surfaces.

With these outstanding properties, Silestone is the perfect choice of material for use in the most demanding surfaces or worktops.

P+ also features bacteristatic material. This property ensures that bacteria do not proliferate on the surface, providing active protection for the material in any of its applications.

This protection is effective throughout the life and normal use of the material, and protects the entire volume, including edges and hollows.

No other company devotes so many resources to the creation of demand for all those forming part of the value chain in the kitchen and bathroom fittings sector. We have positioned quartz surfaces as the highest aspirational product for the furnishing of homes and the demanding world of product sponsorship.

Our advertising campaigns feature the best chefs, the great icons of the world of sport, fashion and cinema, among others. We invest more than any other brand in our segment in participation in the main events in design, architecture and for professional equipment suppliers.

Cosentino offers customers a 10-year warranty for Silestone kitchen worktops; the term of the warranty can be activated or certified through a simple online registration process. Please contact your usual kitchen supplier or stone mason for more information on our official warranty certificate.

To ensure the quality and stability of production and respect for the environment, Silestone has obtained practically every certification in the field of health and safety, including the NSF and LGA, and Greenguard certification for product quality and particle emissions. In addition, it has been awarded a range of certifications for its manufacturing process, such as ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Whatever way you look at it, Cosentino is always synonymous with guarantees.

We place special emphasis on our after-sales service, as it is the most real and effective means of providing greater value-added to our products.

It is the last process in the cycle and ensures that we move to a higher level of quality by enabling us to hear customers' opinions, to identify opportunities for improvement and to evaluate our products and processes. With our 10-year product warranty, and our self-demanding approach, Silestone users and customers can understand why the leader is always the first to evolve.


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